U.K. biz launches anti-piracy effort

New cinema trailers are a departure in message

LONDON -- The U.K. film and television industry, led by trade body the Industry Trust, is changing tack in its fight against piracy by saying thank you to the British public.

The industry body on Thursday will launch a series of three new cinema trailers directed by British director Steve Bendelack ("The League of Gentlemen") with the tagline "you make the movies."

Bendelack's trailers show people paying homage to iconic film moments from "The Lord of the Rings," "The Life of Brian" and "Jaws" in everyday situations, all ending with the tagline.

One shows three fishermen in a boat being hauled out of shot after hooking a big fish.

The message marks a sea change from the usual anti-piracy campaigns that shout criminal at audiences sitting in movie theaters. It marks the first time moviegoers have been given a pat on the back for turning up in theaters to watch the latest releases in the U.K. or buying genuine DVDs and downloads.

"Against the recessionary backdrop, it is more important than ever for the public to continue to support U.K. filmmakers by buying the real deal -- our new 'You Make the Movies' campaign acknowledges the public's vital contribution," Industry Trust director general Liz Bales said.

The campaign aims to bolster the amount of U.K. consumers who think unofficial downloading and file-sharing is wrong.

The IT said recent figures show film is weathering the recessionary storm, with boxoffice admissions in 2008 at their highest for three years.

Said U.K. Film Council chief CEO John Woodward: "It's important that we as an industry enable consumers to make a legal choice, and both thank and celebrate those that do so."
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