U.K. Comedian Kills Off "Misogynistic" Character After TV Series Is Dropped


ITV revealed earlier in the week that 'Dapper Laughs: On the Pull' would not be renewed for season two

Just days after it was announced that U.K. broadcaster ITV would not be renewing its comedy dating show Dapper Laughs: On the Pull for a second series after accusations of misogyny, its star has revealed he will be killing off the act for good.

Daniel O’Reilly, who plays Dapper Laughs, told the BBC on Tuesday that he would be giving up his controversial character.

"Dapper Laughs is gone," he said on topical news show Newsnight. "I’ve spoken to my family. Not only do I not want to carry on with it, I don’t want to be seen to approve of it."

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O’Reilly also attempted to disassociate himself from the offensive views of his creation, which had led to a petition signed by some 60,000 people calling for the show to be axed.

"I didn’t see it as me that was doing it. I was creating this character," he said.

A planned Dapper Laughs live tour has also been canceled.

Dapper Laughs: On the Pull was originally commissioned over the summer based on O'Reilly's online popularity via Vine and Facebook.