U.K. directors urge BBC to reconsider cuts

To reverse the 5% annual cut in production expenditure

LONDON -- Directors U.K., the nascent lobbying group for British movie directors, called Wednesday for the BBC to reverse its proposed cuts in production expenditure.

The directors' collective, in a submission to the BBC Trust consultation on the BBC Strategy Review, said the virtual absence of references to the creative communities is an area of great concern.

Directors U.K. also calls on the BBC to reverse the 5% annual cut in production expenditure.

The group also points to the glaringly obvious fact that the BBC depends on the creative communities for content.

While Directors U.K. said it supports the BBC's renewed commitment to investment in quality programming and to reducing management costs, it highlighted the continuing challenges facing the creative community in delivering quality programs with increasingly diminishing resources, reduced timescales and greater compliance demands.

"Truly original programming depends on broadcasters taking risks and empowering creative originators -- writers, producers and directors," a Directors U.K. statement said.

"We are the BBC's natural allies and recognize the need for a strong and independent BBC. Directors share the same desire to produce the very finest programs possible within the available resources."

Directors U.K. reps the creative, economic and contractual interests of 4,000 members, the overwhelming majority of film and television directors in the U.K.
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