U.K. doc incorporates unaired Sept. 11 calls

Channel 4 broadcasting program for eighth anniversary

LONDON -- Channel 4 will broadcast previously unaired phone calls from victims of the Sept. 11 attacks who were trapped in World Trade Center as part of a 90-minute documentary "9/11: Phone Calls From the Towers," that will air next month to mark the eighth anniversary of the tragedy.

The documentary makers have worked with families of victims to uncover audio recordings as well as cherished home videos and footage of those who died as they sought to make contact with the outside world.

The program, from Darlow Smithson Prods., will air voicemails left with loved ones, friends and emergency services as the victims tried to learn what was happening and find a means of escape and will show how the final recordings helped families come to terms with their grief.

"Eight years on from the attacks, this amazing film is a genuinely fresh approach to the 9/11 story, using very powerful recordings, some of which have never been heard before," said Simon Dickson, Channel 4's Deputy head of documentaries.

"The messages are an incredibly moving testament to the memories of the people who died in the twin towers, and reveal the dignity, courage, humanity and love shown at the worst of times. And the victims' families, who have cooperated in the making of the film and provided most of the recordings, talk heartbreakingly about speaking to their loved ones for the final time as they watched powerless as the disaster unfolded on TV," he added.