U.K.'s Empire Awards Unveil New Categories, 2016 Date

Christopher Nolan
Associated Press

"If a wormhole could be brought into existence, it would be possible," the director told THR. "It's really one of the only ways it would be possible because the distances involved are so vast. It's one of the tremendous, limiting factors about whether we could ever find other inhabitable planets; the nearest star within our galaxy [involves] thousands of years of travel. And so there are different ways of looking at how you address that. And the film explores various different ways."

Best animated film and doc and TV and video game elements are among the 11 new categories added for the next edition.

The Empire Awards, considered one of the most lively and well-lubricated events on the U.K. film calendar (it is, after all, sponsored by Jameson Whiskey), have announced a raft of new categories for the 2016 edition, which is set to be held March 20.

Among the 11 new categories spanning film, TV and gaming are best screenplay, best animated film, best documentary, best soundtrack, best visual effects, best TV series and best video game.

At this year's event, The Hollywood Reporter presented the prize for best British film, which went to Kingsman: The Secret Service. Interstellar received the honor for best film, with Christopher Nolan also picking up the best director and inspiration awards.

Voted on by the public, the upcoming event is expected to see heavy representation from Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Spectre.