U.K. Exhibitor Cineworld Adds Three Imax Screens

The British cinema chain expanded its revenue share agreement with its giant screen partner after installing eight super-sized screens in a 12-month period.

TORONTO - U.K. cinema chain Cineworld Group has expanded yet again its stable of Imax theaters by adding another three screens via a revenue sharing agreement.

The terms of the latest deal will see three supersized screens installed in Telford and Broughton, to bring Cineworld's total Imax footprint to 11 theaters.

Cineworld has opened eight Imax theaters in a 12 month period, including in Enfield, Birmingham, Nottingham and Edinburgh.

"Imax continues to be a key competitive offering in our portfolio, providing a blockbuster film slate in the most immersive format – something that our customers love and for which they are willing to pay a premium," said Crispin Lilly, vp of business affairs at Cineworld, in a statement Monday.

The latest deal was also unveiled by Andrew Cripps, president of Imax EMEA, who is expanding the Toronto-based giant screen circuit overseas, including in Europe.

Cineworld operates 80 cinemas across the U.K. and Ireland.

The exhibitor also expanded recently by acquiring City Screen Group, the parent company of arthouse movie theater operator Picturehouse Cinemas.