U.K. Exhibitors Ban Ads on Scottish Independence Vote

Ahead of a Sept. 18 referendum, Odeon, Vue and others received some complaints about spots related to it.

LONDON – ‎U.K. cinema chains have banned ads on an upcoming Scottish independence referendum following complaints.

The Guardian reported that the majority of complaints had come from supporters of Scottish independence after groups urging people to vote in favor of Scotland remaining a part of the U.K. flooded movie theaters with spots.

Exhibitors Odeon, Vue, Cineworld and UCI have all agreed to ban referendum-related ads starting June 5.

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According to the Guardian, a group supporting Scotland's independence has been planning a cinema ad blitz this summer before a referendum on Sept. 18.

A Vue spokeswoman said: "Following feedback from our customers, which has been duly noted, we have taken the decision not to show any further campaign adverts. Along with the other leading cinema exhibitors, we will not be continuing with any additional campaigns."

The Guardian also quoted Odeon as saying: "Alongside all major cinema chains in Scotland, Odeon is currently showing two adverts on the upcoming Scottish Independence referendum."

The company added: "Funded for and by the Scottish public, the yes and no adverts are screened ahead of a number of films although they may not necessarily appear back-to-back. Each campaign is given equal weighting to ensure there is no preference to either argument."

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