U.K. Box Office: 'Fifty Shades' Becomes Highest-Grossing 18-Rated Film Ever

Fifty Shades of Grey Still 3 - H 2015
Courtesy of Universal

Fifty Shades of Grey Still 3 - H 2015

The steamy drama overtakes 'The Wolf of Wall Street' after just 10 days.

In just 10 days of release, Sam Taylor-Johnson’s adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey has become the most successful film in the U.K. ever with an 18 certificate, which means that no one under 18 can be admitted to a British cinema to see the film.

The erotic drama - which was released in France with a 12 rating - earned $7 million in its second weekend, bringing its U.K. box-office tally so far to $38.7 million, easily surpassing the $34.9 million amassed by previous record holder The Wolf of Wall Street.

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Fifty Shades had already scored the biggest U.K. opening weekend ever for an 18-rated film with three-day revenue of $20.8 million. It also had the biggest debut in the U.K. for a title that is not a sequel or part of an existing franchise.