U.K. Filmmaker Ray Burdis to Begin 'Booze' Shoot in 2014

The cult British director signs Mark Harris to star in his black comedy about soldiers who turn to smuggling alcohol after returning from the war in Afghanistan.

LONDON – BAFTA-nominated cult British writer, producer and director Ray Burdis (The Wee Man) has the order in for his next movie, entitled Booze.

Burdis has recruited boxer-turned-actor Mark Harris for the movie, which follows the plight of a group of decommissioned British soldiers, who find it hard to fit back into their civilian lives after returning to the U.K. from the Afghanistan conflict.

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Harris stars as the leader of the returning soldiers, who turn their training to making a living smuggling liquor into the U.K., only to be sucked into the world of serious crime.

The movie will be produced by Roar FIlm Entertainment, the U.K. production banner, and is set to start an eight-week shoot on location in London Dockyards, Afghanistan and Calais in January of 2014.

Burdis described Booze as "essentially a drama, come black comedy."

He said that to him, it will be a "cross between Love Honor and Obey and The Long Good Friday," adding he was pleased to have Harris aboard.

"I approached him, as he is making a name on the indie scene, and we need the grittiness I know he can give to this part."