U.K. Genre Banner Richwater Films Adds Two Projects to Slate

Martin Kemp Gary Kemp - P 2013
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Martin Kemp Gary Kemp - P 2013

The company behind upcoming vigilante thriller "Vendetta" adds projects written by Simon Cluett and Stephen Reynolds to its production plans.

LONDON – U.K. production banner Richwater Films has added two projects to its spring 2014 production slate with action thriller Age of Kill, penned by Simon Cluett, and Renegades, written by Stephen Reynolds, who will also direct.

Age of Kill focuses on a black ops marksman blackmailed by an international terrorist into murdering six people in six hours in what soon becomes a violent game of cat and mouse through the streets of London.

Renegades features a crack team of British mercenaries hired by the British government on a mission in Europe too sensitive for the regular army. The disparate bunch find themselves ambushed, outgunned and outnumbered and an explosive fight for survival ensues.

Richwater CEO Jonathan Sothcott said it was always his intention to pitch his production banner into the international market place with "bigger, more international fare."

Richwater’s first title, vigilante thriller Vendetta, directed by Reynolds and starring Danny Dyer, is set for U.K. rollout in November via Starz-owned distributor Anchor Bay Entertainment.

Upcoming projects include Top Dog for Universal, Vendetta 2 and We Still Kill The Old Way for Anchor Bay.

Shooting has also begun on Assassin, written and directed by J.K. Amalou and produced by Sothcott.

The film stars Dyer, Martin Kemp and Gary Kemp and marks the first time the Kemp brothers, former Spandau Ballet band members, have starred together in a film since cult classic The Krays.

Anouska Mond (Ill Manors), Holly Weston (John Carter), Eddie Webber (The Firm), Robert Cavanah (Fall of the Essex Boys) and Deborah Moore (Die Another Day) have joined the cast in Assassin.

Assassin is a Richwater Films/Silver Leaf Productions co-production.