U.K. Industry Unveils Guidelines on Harassment in Wake of Weinstein


BAFTA and the British Film Institute have helped developed the guidelines, which are backed by the likes of Emma Watson and Barbara Broccoli.

Organizations from across the U.K.'s film, TV and video game industries have come together to unveil a new set of principles and guidance aimed at tackling bullying. 

The guidelines — developed by the British Film Institute, BAFTA, BECTU, Equity, Pact, The Production Guild, Women in Film & TV, the Writers’ Guild of Great Britain, the U.K. Screen Alliance and U.K. Interactive Entertainment — were put together in the wake of a wave of allegations sparked by the Harvey Weinstein sexual assault accusation in late 2017.

Among the new introductions are training schemes on dealing with harassment, plus a 24-hour helpline to be introduced in April. Eight core principles that cover employer and employee responsibilities are featured in the guidelines, with the first stating that “everyone is responsible for creating and maintaining an inclusive workplace," with other elements dedicated to eradicating bullying and harassment, providing protection and taking action where appropriate.

"These principles are important because up until recently there were no guidelines, there was no protocol for someone that had been sexually harassed in the entertainment industry and I know this to be a fact because I've asked for principles, I've asked to see guidelines and no one could give them to me," said actress Emma Watson, who, alongside the likes of Jodie Whittaker, Gemma Arterton, Gemma Chan and producer Barbara Broccoli, was consulted regarding the plans.

“I wholeheartedly welcome and support these principles and guidelines, and congratulate the BFI and BAFTA on pulling this important piece of work together," said Broccoli. "Our industry is full of hugely talent individuals and teams producing fantastic work, but it has become clear there is a dangerous and negative culture and behavior that has been tolerated for far too long which must be eradicated. This work is an important step in creating an industry in which we can be proud, is accessible to all and everyone working in it can feel safe."