AFM 2012: U.K.'s Kaleidoscope Gets Distribution Rights for Paul Hyett's 'The Seasoning House'

AFM Poster - P 2011

AFM Poster - P 2011

The horror film will be sold worldwide during the upcoming American Film Market.

LONDON – U.K. banner Kaleidoscope Film Distribution has struck a deal for worldwide distribution rights to Paul Hyett's revenge thriller The Seasoning House.

Kaleidoscope will premiere the film during the upcoming American Film Market and is itself planning a U.K. theatrical and home entertainment release in 2013.

The movie marks Hyett's directorial debut annd played during the U.K.'s horror film festival Frightfest in August to positive buzz.

The movie, billed as a claustrophobic exploration of psychological terror, details the story of a young female captive who plots her escape and revenge on the person holding her.

Hyett's debut stars up-and-coming young English actress Rosie Day, Sean Pertwee (Dog Soldiers), Anna Walton (Hellboy 2) and Kevin Howarth (The Last Horror Movie, Gallowwalker).

Hyett, a special make-up effects designer, whose resume boasts stints on Gladiator, The Hours, The Descent, Eden Lake and The Woman in Black, shot the film for Sterling Pictures.

Kaleidoscope director of international sales and acquisitions Caroline Stern said: "We knew we had to have the film when we first saw it, and with the momentum it has since gained from Frightfest and Sitges, the AFM is the perfect place to start selling."

Stern described the movie as "genuinely terrifying with its basis in reality and the filmmaking had me holding my breath from the first frame."