U.K. Mobile Advertising Forecast to Overtake TV in 2016

iPhone 6 - H 2014
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iPhone 6 - H 2014

eMarketer says mobile spending in Britain will exceed newspaper and magazine advertising this year and become the biggest ad category in 2017.

Mobile advertising spending in Britain will this year overtake newspaper and magazine spending and will in 2016 exceed TV advertising, according to a forecast from research firm eMarketer.

The company projected on Wednesday that U.K. mobile ad spending would jump 45 percent this year to $4.94 billion (£3.26 billion), compared with an estimated $4.05 billion (£2.67 billion) in print spending.

The eMarketer report forecast that mobile ad spending would grow another 35 percent in 2016 to $6.67 billion (£4.40 billion), which would come in just ahead of the estimated traditional TV ad spend of $6.48 billion (£4.27 billion).

By the end of 2016, mobile will make up about half of total U.K. digital ad spending, according to the eMarketer forecast. It estimated total digital spending to hit $13.55 billion (£8.94 billion) in 2016. "The following year, mobile will become the single largest ad channel in the U.K. market," with spending of about $8.42 billion (£5.55 billion), eMarketer says.

Another research firm earlier in the year predicted that half of U.K. ad spending would this year go to digital media.

In the U.S., industry observers have been debating whether digital media has started eating into TV advertising revenue amid a slew of entertainment sector concerns that also include cord-cutting.