U.K. moviegoers buck economic trend

Cinema still a preferred leisure activity

LONDON -- The majority U.K. of movie-goers agree they will still spend the same amount of cash on trips to the cinema than before, despite the economic gloom.

The Film Audience Measurement and Evaluation research, undertaken by TNS and published Wednesday by the Cinema Advertising Assn. indicated that 62% of those asked plan to keep spending in theaters.

The online survey of 3,000 showed strong support for continuing movie-going when compared to other leisure activities such as theme park trips or restaurant visits.

The CAA also said the research shows cinemagoers are increasingly making repeat visits to watch the same movie, with 25% of audiences admitting they have seen the same film on the big screen more than once over the past year.

FAME said awareness of new titles comes from four main sources, with advertising still the first source at 46%, squeaking in 5% ahead of movie trailers.

But it is websites that dominate when it comes to providing cinemagoers with more detailed info on upcoming releases, the research says, with two thirds going to specific cinema websites for more detail.

CAA spokesperson Anna Cremin said: "Despite increased pressure on consumers due to the credit crunch, cinema remains a destination medium and one which it seems people can’t do without."