U.K. Reality TV Star Thinks Ebola Is a Band

Ebola Panic - H 2014
Courtesy of ABC

Ebola Panic - H 2014

Asked about the epidemic at a music event, the star of 'The Only Way Is Essex' says, "they are going to be absolutely amazing"

Amy Childs, a former star of popular U.K. reality show The Only Way Is Essex, was caught on the red carpet mistaking Ebola for a band in a video that surfaced online this week.

Asked on camera what she thought about the Ebola epidemic, Childs replied “the what?" later adding, "I might be a big fan after tonight."

The interviewer is then seen saying: “You know Ebola is going to be huge, don’t you?”

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Childs says: “They’re going to be absolutely amazing.”

The interview took place at last month’s MOBO ("Music of Black Origin") Awards in London and was conducted by Jolyon Rubinstein, one of the hosts of satirical BBC show The Revolution Will Be Televised, which often attempts to confuse celebrities by asking them questions about current affairs.

The show has previously seen Rubinstein and co-host Heydon Prowse rename Google’s London offices O’Google (the company is based in Ireland for tax purposes), tell businesses near the Israeli embassy they must vacate to make way for an extension and attempt to install a physical glass ceiling into the Saudi embassy to "protect women from their aspirations." It returned last month to youth network BBC Three for a third season.

See the video of the Ebola slip-up below.