U.K. reanimates original 'Transformers'


LONDON -- U.K. indie Metrodome Distribution said Friday that it will launch a limited release of the 1986 animated film "Transformers: The Movie" in the British capital.

The distribution banner said it plans to open the film for an exclusive two-week theatrical run in one theater in London's West End beginning May 4.

The move aims to cash in on the "high level of interest from fans of the Transformers brand in anticipation of this summer's Michael Bay blockbuster," Metrodome said.

And the piggybacking doesn't stop there. Metrodome also said it hopes that the theatrical run will help publicize the release of the double-disc DVD of "Transformers: The Movie -- Ultimate Edition," which hits shelves June 4.

The DVD includes a remastered widescreen edition of the animated movie, Metrodome said.

Both releases are scheduled ahead of Paramount Pictures International's release of the much-anticipated live-action version of "Transformers" in U.K. theaters in July.

"Transformers" was the highest-rated animated series of the 1980s in the U.K.