U.K. TV Industry Survey: 54 Percent Have Experienced Sexual Harassment

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Only 84 percent reported it, while 68 percent of respondents admitted to being aware of bullying and harassment happening to others.

A British TV industry survey has found that 54 percent of people have experienced sexual harassment in the workplace, with 84 percent of them not reporting it.

Of the people reporting harassment, 88 percent are female and 12 percent male. Overall, 62 percent of those who had experienced harassment said it had taken place in the last five years.

The Edinburgh International Television Festival and 5 News conducted the anonymous, industry-wide survey that was completed by 315 people, including employees and freelancers from broadcasters and independent production companies in various roles.

The survey also found that 71 percent have experienced bullying at work, with 65 percent reporting that it took place in the office and 22 percent on set or location. Of the victims of bullying, 78 percent are female and 22 percent male. Of all victims, 68 percent said they didn't report the bullying, with 78 percent saying they were concerned that if they did, they would lose their job, or it would have negative repercussions for their career.

In the survey, 68 percent of respondents admitted to being aware of bullying and sexual harassment happening to others at work.

More than 90 percent said that they were confident in their knowledge of what constitutes bullying and sexual harassment, but only 47 percent said they understood their rights in respect to taking action at work if confronted with such behavior.

"The abuse of power is one of the most important issues facing society today," said journalist and former BBC host Sian Williams. "We’ve already seen how prevalent and systemic this type of behavior has been in other creative sectors, so it is vitally important that we now turn the spotlight onto the television industry here in the U.K."

Said Edinburgh festival director Lisa Campbell: “As an industry we pride ourselves on reflecting social issues in our programming, yet the people behind-the-scenes making this content, are suffering themselves and nothing is being done. We need to make a change, and talking about these issues is the first step to addressing and stopping them for good.”