U.K. TV show 'Skins' heads for big screen

Film4 backs sex, drink and drug-fuelled teen drama

LONDON -- British television teenage drama "Skins" is growing up to become a movie scripted by series writer Jack Thorne and show creator Bryan Elsley.

The big screen treatment is being backed and developed by Film4, the standalone filmmaking arm of Channel 4 which currently broadcasts the hit show on its digital channel E4.

U.K. film and television production labels Company Pictures and Stormdog Films and sales, finance and distribution house Cinemanx are also backing the ambitions.

The television show, now four seasons old, has been heralded by viewers and critics alike as a ground-breaking portrayal of teenage life in the U.K. complete with controversial drug taking scenes, sex and drinking featuring heavily in the show.

The movie is scheduled to go into production later this year in Bristol and the Isle of Man and backers said it will feature many of the familiar characters from the four seasons.

Charles Martin, a long-time director of the television show, will direct with the movie produced by "Skins" producer Chris Clough.

Film4 chief Tessa Ross said: "It is very exciting to be migrating across from E4 to Film4, this extraordinarily talented team from 'Skins,' who have successfully grown such a wonderfully loyal audience over the course of the last four series."

Company co-founder and director Charlie Pattinson said bringing a film version to the big screen is the obvious next step for "Skins" because of its "ever expanding fan base."