U.K. Veteran Toby Dormer to Head Up Remedy Canada (Exclusive)

The Vancouver-based lifestyle TV producer has backing from indie giant Argonon, which is looking to tap local Canadian talent and soft money.

TORONTO – Indie giant Argonon has named veteran U.K. producer Toby Dormer as president of newly-launched Remedy Canada.

Vancouver-based Dormer, who co-founded Remedy Productions with Juliet Borges a decade ago before the British indie was acquired a year ago by Leopard Films to form Argonon, will tap local Canadian talent and soft money to develop and produce unscripted TV.

While running Remedy Productions in the U.K., Dormer focused on the youth and entertainment programming for the BBC, MTV, Channel Four and Five, among other broadcasters.

Now in Canada, Dormer said his focus will be on lifestyle reality series like Real Housewives of Vancouver and The Bachelor Canada in demand with Canadian broadcasters eager to embrace global formats.

“One of the main reasons to come here is to bring some of the ideas that we learned in the U.K. and the U.S. through Remedy and Leopard Films to make shows that appeal to a wide audience,” Dormer said.

Argonon is also the parent of London-based Leopard Films, run by Todd Austin, and New York-based Leopard Films USA, headed up by executive producer Nick Rigg.