U.K. College Launches 'X Factor' Audition Course

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A month after Simon Cowell's final Idol bow, Fox announces the arrival of X Factor. "People aren't done with the genre," says Darnell.

It promises students "tuition in singing and performing and coaching on how to project themselves confidently."

LONDON -- A British college is offering a new course designed to help people prepare for X Factor auditions.

ITV, which airs the U.K. version of the music competition show, on Tuesday reported the details of the course, which is called The X Factor Preparation Course. Bishop Auckland College in Durham, England, is offering it.

The 17-week class, which costs about $150 (£95), promises students "tuition in singing and performing and coaching on how to project themselves confidently," according to the college's website. It is taught by Susan Harris, who has worked with musicians like Lenny Kravitz, according to ITV.

The course will start Monday and end just before the start of auditions for the 10th season of the ITV show from Simon Cowell's joint venture with Sony, Syco Entertainment. The ninth season saw continued ratings declines, leading to expectations of format changes and a renewed focus on strong talents this year.

"I wanted to run a course which prepared people for X Factor auditions and similar competitions across the country," said Mike Jinks, head of art, music and performing arts at the college, according to ITV. "Many applicants have talent but need to work on key things such as their singing technique and confidence."

He added: "It’s not about just wandering in, singing a song and you’re famous. Most applicants have been doing the rounds for years working really hard – it’s very rare that you get a Susan Boyle character."

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