Ukraine Bans Films With Russian Star Who Shot at Ukrainian Forces

Russia Crimea Scene - H 2014
AP Images

Russia Crimea Scene - H 2014

Mikhail Porechenkov fired a machine gun while visiting Donetsk, which is controlled by pro-Russian separatists

Ukraine has banned almost 70 films and TV series featuring Russian actor Mikhail Porechenkov, who has found himself at the center of a controversy after firing a machine gun at Ukrainian forces in a region controlled by pro-Russian separatists.

"A session of the expert commission on film distribution and exhibition was held, making a decision to ban 69 films featuring Porechenkov on Ukrainian territory," Filipp Ilyenko, head of Ukraine's state agency for cinema, said on his Facebook page.

The list of movies and TV series includes box-office hits 9 rota (The Ninth Company) and Gorko! (Kiss the Bride), and TV series such as Banditsky Peterburg (Criminal St. Petersburg).

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The feature film Poddubny and TV series Belaya Gvardia (White Guard) and Spetsnaz (Special Forces), all featuring Porechenkov, were already banned in Ukraine, having been deemed examples of "anti-Ukrainian" content.

The incident stirred major controversy in Russia and Ukraine after a video featuring the Russian star firing a machine gun during his visit to a territory controlled by pro-Russian separatists emerged.

Reaction to the incident also came from other countries. Lativa banned Porechenkov from entering the country, alongside several other Russian cultural figures who actively support the Kremlin's policy towards Ukraine.