Ukraine the new kid on block at MIPCOM

Party introduces Eastern Europe's 'fastest-growing territory'

CANNES -- A special kind of press conference took place Tuesday as the first Ukrainian soiree at MIPCOM was unveiled.

Attended by the creme de la creme of the Ukrainian industry, the event introduced attendees to what Ukraine's Media Resources Management CEO Iryna Kostyuk described as "the fastest-growing territory in Eastern Europe."

She pointed out that the TV and ad markets have grown exponentially in recent years, with the latter rising 65% in 2006 alone.

"The Ukrainian market is still growing despite the economic crisis," Kostyuk said. "Ukraine is partying, so everything is OK."

Commercial broadcaster STB Channel talked up the latest local product at the conference, including a series on the classics of Russian cinema and a production on powerful women.

"We are talking about the greatest killer women, the greatest lover women, the greatest political women," STB Channel general director Vladimir Borodyanskiy said through a translator.

Ukraine has been on an all-out media offensive throughout the year, having hosted the first-ever Ukraine pavilion at the Festival de Cannes in May.