Ukraine's State Film Agency Postpones Contest for Filmmakers

Ukraine Protests - H 2014
AP Photo/Efrem Lukatsky

Ukraine Protests - H 2014

However, the country's plans to join Eurimages and Creative Europe have not been affected despite ongoing financial and political problems.

MOSCOW -- Ukraine's State Film Agency has indefinitely postponed its annual competition for state subsidies for film production as the country is struggling with dire financial problems in the wake of President Viktor Yanukovich's ouster.

The country's culture ministry ordered that the Ukrainian State Film Agency postpone the competition until further notice as Ukraine is working out a set of austerity measures, the online magazine Kommentarii reported.

Katerina Kopylova, head of the Ukrainian State Film Agency, recently resigned, and acting head Sergei Semkin declined to comment on the situation until the new head is appointed.

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Meanwhile, the postponement of the state subsidy competition came as a serious blow for Ukraine's film sector, which heavily depends on state cash. Over the last two years, government annually disbursed about $17.5 million in subsidies for filmmakers.

Ukraine's plans to join Eurimages, however, are unlikely to be affected by the political and economic turmoil in the country, Igor Savichenko, executive director of the Ukrainian film association, told The Hollywood Reporter. "Everything is going according to plan," he said.

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Previously, it was announced that Ukraine could sign an agreement on joining Eurimages in October 2014 and officially join the organization as of 2015.

Savichenko added that signing by Ukraine of an agreement on closer political ties with the European Union, expected later this month, would also open doors for participation in Creative Europe, a seven-year, €1.46 billion funding program.