Ukrainian Anti-Government Protests to Get Doc Treatment

AP Photo/Efrem Lukatsky

A documentary on the ongoing protests in Kiev is expected to premiere this fall.

MOSCOW -- A group of U.S.-based Ukrainians are working on a feature-length, English-language documentary on ongoing anti-government protests in Kiev.

Seven journalists and filmmakers, including Julian Hayda and Adriana Krasniansky, teamed up to form the Euromaidan Journalist Collective, named after the protests. The demonstrations began last November when President Viktor Yanukovich canceled plans for Ukraine's closer ties with the European Union.

Inspired by the protests, which attracted tens of thousands of Ukrainians and often led to clashes with the police, the Euromaidan Journalist Collective set to work on a feature length documentary, which is to be accompanied by a book of photo essays and interviews with Kiev protestors and a lecture series.

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The yet untitled documentary is to present "the perspective of millennial Ukrainian Americans caught up in Ukraine’s revolution," according to a statement on the project's web site.

The project is supported by the Ukrainian community in the United States and the European Journalism Center. The creators of the documentary are also running a crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo, aiming to raise $30,000.

The Euromaidan Journalist Collective is also running an English-language online news outlet and blog about the Ukrainian protests.

The documentary is expected to premiere this fall.