Ukrainian State Funding for Local Filmmakers to Decline in 2014

The funding decrease is caused by the overall economic situation in the country.

MOSCOW – State funding for Ukraine’s filmmakers is to decline in 2014 by $4.2 million (35 million hryvnas) under a draft budget proposal submitted to Parliament.

The document stipulates that Ukrainian filmmakers could collect $14.6 million (122 million hryvnas) next year. The decline comes as part of across-the-board budget cuts, caused by the country’s poor economic situation.

Over the last few years, the Ukrainian government did a lot to support the national film industry, with the amount of cash earmarked for filmmakers increasing more than 25 times and the output upping to 10 state-financed features a year.

However, the overall unfavorable economic conditions could halt the development of the sector, the future of which looked promising just a few months ago.

Last July, Ukrainian State Film Agency head Kateryna Kopylova said that the amount of funding provided by the government depended primarily upon the local film industry’s capacity and could be increased, if necessary.

But the economic conditions are taking its toll on the Ukrainian film sector, which had just begun recovery from a deep crisis, which is was in for most of the 1990s and early 2000s.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian filmmakers have been looking for other funding sources, including co-production. Earlier this week, it was announced that Ukraine could join Eurimages in 2015, which would facilitate co-production with other European countries.