U.K.'s Alibi acquires ABC's 'Castle'

Crime drama channel is pursuing more acquisition deals

LONDON -- U.K. crime drama channel Alibi has acquired the exclusive pay rights to ABC Studios' cop drama "Castle" from the Walt Disney Co., with the show forming "an integral part" of its spring and fall schedules, the channel said Monday.

Ordered by Alibi boss Steve Hornsey and negotiated by UKTV acquisitions manager Alexandra Finlay and Disney's U.K. and Ireland distribution head Karen Vermeulen, the deal underlines Alibi's ambition to go beyond its standard U.K.-produced fare and pursue more acquisition deals, Finlay said.

"This acquisition exemplifies the channel's ambition to secure other key U.S. and international crime content in the future," she noted.

"Alibi is well known for its high-quality British content, and introducing a hugely successful U.S. series in "Castle" will not only broaden the appeal of the channel but also the editorial mix. Adding Castle to our schedule should be seen as a clear message of intent," added Alibi's Hornsey.