U.K.'s Channel 4 Sets Stringent Workforce Diversity Targets

By 2020, the broadcaster wants 6% of staff to identify as LGBT, disabled employees should make up 6%, and 20% should come from minority groups.

U.K. broadcaster Channel 4 announced a new charter on Monday that sets stringent targets on broader representation in its workforce. 

According to the 360° Diversity Charter, the company has set itself a target of having 6 percent of staff identifying as LGBT, 6 percent of employees with disabilities and 20 percent from ethnic minority backgrounds, all by the year 2020. The company would also look to have a 50-50 gender split. 

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Currently, 2.4 percent of Channel 4 staff identify as LGBT, 1.9 percent have a disability, 15 percent are from ethnic minority groups, and the gender split is skewed 57:43 in favor of women. 

Channel 4 said its  "ambition is for employee diversity to reach the national average."

The report added: “Diversity is a big, complex area. The aim of diversity policy in broadcasting is simple: to include and nurture talent, and to reflect contemporary Britain on and offscreen. But at Channel 4 we need to do more than reflect Britain. Our remit tasks us to ‘challenge established views and promote alternative views and new perspectives,’ unlike other broadcasters."

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