U.K.'s Channel 5 Orders Show About 'Super Scroungers'

channel 5 logo - H 2013

The documentary series will focus on people who claim government handouts, while living a life of luxury.

LONDON -- As debates about social benefits and government austerity measures continue in many countries, Britain's Channel 5 has ordered documentary series Super Scroungers, about people who live well off welfare handouts.

The three-part series of hourlong documentaries from Channel 5 Productions will put the spotlight on people who avoid work, while claiming big amounts of money every year for housing and family support and living a life of luxury.

"This is a topic at the top of the news agenda, so it’s the perfect time for Channel 5 to delve into the subject," said Ben Frow, Channel 5 director of programs.

"Living lives of luxury that many of us can only dream of, these Super Scroungers are the poster families for everything that many people believe is wrong with benefits," the network said in announcing the show. "Are these people to blame, dedicating their time to getting more and more out of the state? Or are they merely taking advantage of an inadequate system that needs a radical overhaul?"

Last year, British reports said that at least 100 families received housing benefits while living in luxury homes. More than 30 of the families received $2,300 (£1,500) per week -- more than three times the national average wage.

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