U.K.'s Ipso Facto: They have Moxie


Brit production banner Ipso Facto Films is partnering with a host of outfits in setting up a U.K.-based talent development company based on the U.S. micro-studio system, the outfit said Thursday.

The startup, named Moxie Makers, is being established in partnership with U.K. theatrical and DVD distributor Soda Pictures, international sales agent Moviehouse Entertainment and financing and production company Matador Pictures, with backing from postproduction house Molinare, the North East Equity Matching Fund and the Northern Lights Film Festival.

Moxie Makers aims to make microbudget flicks and is set up as a sister company to Ipso Facto, the production company that birthed "Irina Palm" and "School for Seduction."

The new shingle is being set up to showcase new filmmaking talent working in the U.K.

"For too many years, talented filmmakers with engaging stories and fresh, distinctive voices have had to fight with public and private financiers in order to get their first feature made," Moxie Makers managing director Christine Alderson said. "The U.K. is very much behind the U.S. in terms of commitment to new talent. There just aren't the structures in place to truly support up-and-coming filmmakers. With Moxie Makers, we aim to change this."

Moxie, along with Soda Pictures, also is setting up a distribution label, dubbed Soda Makers, to ensure that each film produced under the Moxie banner will be distributed within the U.K.

MoxieHouse Entertainment, created in conjunction with international sales house Moviehouse will invest in the promotion and sales of the films at markets and festivals.

"We are going to deliver audience-driven features which allow everyone involved to enjoy the risks and rewards of filmmaking," production chief Hayley Manning said. "The aim is to finance, produce and distribute up to four micro-budget movies a year."