Uma Thurman Responds to Confusion About Her Unrecognizable Muted Look

Uma Thurman Split - H 2015
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Uma Thurman Split - H 2015

And she wants to be in Fall Out Boy's "Uma Thurman" video — without the dark lipstick, of course.

Uma Thurman has some words for those wondering about her muted red-carpet look on Monday night.

At the premiere of NBC's The Slap, she became the talk of the Internet when she arrived on the carpet looking almost unrecognizable, trading in her trademark bangs and dark eyeliner for slicked-back tresses, minimal makeup and a bold red lip.

While the Internet wondered whether or not changes beyond makeup were made, Thurman responded to the chatter on Thursday morning's Today.

"I know! How weird!" the actress, equipped with her usual darker-shaded eyelids and relatively voluminous hair, told Savannah Guthrie of the reaction. "I don't know — I guess nobody liked my makeup!"

She added, "I've been doing this for years and years and years, and people say things nice and people say things mean, and it's just like, whatever. ... You take the good with the bad."

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Aside from being a part of the new NBC miniseries, she's also the subject of a new hit Fall Out Boy track — titled, naturally, "Uma Thurman" — inspired by her Pulp Fiction dance with John Travolta.

"I'm so flattered, it's so nice. On the nice list!" she said of the band, who asked her about the song beforehand. "It's incredibly chivalrous; no one ever asks permission for anything anymore, you don't even expect it."

So will she appear in the music video? "I don't know — yeah, sure. If they want the black wig and the dark lipstick — you saw how well the dark lipstick just worked the other night, so I don't know about the whole look coming through! But we'll see."

Watch her Today appearance below.

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