Unauthorized 'Office' Spinoff Launching in Afghanistan (Report)

Chris Haston/NBC

"The Ministry" looks at the country's fictional Ministry of Garbage.

A take-off on NBC's The Office called The Ministry is coming to Afghanistan's top-rated TV network according to the Washington Post.

Shot in The Office's mockumentary-style, the show is set at the fictional Ministry of Garbage and follows the Michael Scott-like Minister of Garbage, his Dwight Schrute-like chief advisor, and Pam Beasley-like female assistant. Afghan specific characters include in an inept security guard and a bumbling butler.

The show will tackle deeper issues like corruption, reports the Post. At one point the Minister's secretary rattles off the bribes that Parliament members requested for helping the Ministry: ten security vans, a job for a family member, and help with a drug trafficking scheme.

The original Office starred Ricky Gervais and premiered on British television in 2001, where it was an instant hit. The American version starring Steve Carell debuted in 2005. Production on the eighth season (and the first without Carell) started Tuesday.

There have been at least eight authorized foreign spinoffs, including versions set in France, Germany, Sweden, Chile, Brazil, and Israel.

The Ministry is not an authorized spinoff.

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