The undead find life onscreen

Welsh filmmaker puts own spin on the age-old zombie story

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CANNES -- Young Welsh filmmaker Marc Price made his first feature on a camcorder with no budget, using friends as actors, and landed a sales agent and two screenings at this year's Marche du Film.

Titled "Colin," after his steelworker father, the film tells its tale of the undead from the zombie's point of view. U.K. distributor Left Films is screening it Saturday and Tuesday.

Having completed film courses in Swansea and helped out a friend on another zombie picture, Price decided to make one of his own but he knew he needed an original idea.

"All zombie films seem to be siege-based with people stuck in a house, a shopping mall or a pub, that's the formula. I was watching 'Dawn of the Dead' one night and it got me wondering if there'd ever been a zombie movie from the point of view of the zombies and I couldn't find one," he said.

"Zombie films always seem to be about the same thing, which is a shame because there's lots to explore in the genre and we wanted ours to be thrilling with some humor, but it's also a search for humanity; what it is to be human."

With Justin Hayles, his partner in Nowhere Fast Prods., as executive producer and Price as writer, director, cinematographer and editor, "Colin" landed actor Alastair Kirton for the title role, makeup artists willing to work for free in order to build their portfolios, and a whole bunch of friends to pitch in for the sieges and street battles.

"There's so much enthusiasm for film in London. In Swansea, I'd really have to fight to get three of my mates round," Price said. "I'm lucky that when I first came to London my friends were actors, and it's amazing how many people want to be zombies."

Price said that he and Hayles hope to raise about $100,000 for their next picture, an untitled creature feature set on a shot-up World War II bomber limping back from a mission over Germany. He said, "I want to make all kinds of films, not just about zombies."