'Under the Silver Lake' Trailer: Andrew Garfield Uncovers a Conspiracy

The new film from 'It Follows' director David Robert Mitchell is sure to turn heads.

A search for a missing girl runs off the rails in the first trailer for It Follows director David Robert Mitchell’s Under the Silver Lake. In the forthcoming A24 feature, Andrew Garfield (The Amazing Spider-Man, Hacksaw Ridge) plays a Los Angeles resident who, after a one-night fling with a neighbor, wakes up the next day to find her missing.

Not believing she would leave without telling him, he becomes convinced that something is wrong, and a strange symbol he finds in her apartment is his window into an elaborate conspiracy that stretches from pop music to the Hollywood Hills.

“Maybe there are people out there who are more important than us, who are powerful, communicating things in the world that are meant for only them and not for us,” he says in a frantic voiceover.