Arri Reveals New Model of Its Alexa Digital Camera

ALEXA XT Plus with Logo - H 2013

ALEXA XT Plus with Logo - H 2013

"Life of Pi" and "Skyfall," both Oscar nominees in cinematography, were lensed with the Alexa.

Camera maker Arri is introducing a new model of its Alexa digital cinematography camera, the Alexa XT (Xtended Technology), with new features, including an in-camera recording module that was co-developed with equipment maker Codex.

The Alexa has been used by numerous leading cinematographers, including Oscar nominees Claudio Miranda for Life of Pi and Roger Deakins  for  Skyfall.

The new XR module, Arri and Codex said, will result in a “a smaller, lighter, more affordable and cable-free camera package." It can be used to record Arriraw, Alexa’s highest quality image output, inside the camera. ProRes or DNxHD can also be captured for longer recording times.

Said Arri managing director Franz Kraus: “The Codex workflow is one that filmmakers can trust, and the fact that Arriraw can now be recorded internally with Alexa cameras will lead to an even broader range of productions embracing the format.”

Alexa XT features include a new in-camera filter module and 4:3 sensor.

The new Alexa XT, Alexa XT M, Alexa XT Plus and Alexa XT Studio cameras will replace previous models, except for the original Alexa. Owners of existing Alexa cameras will be able to purchase individual upgrades for select features of the XT configuration, including the XR module and filter module.

In other digital cinematography camera news, last week Red Digital Cinema -- the company whose cameras include the Epic, which was recently used to photograph The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey -- is pursuing a lawsuit against Sony in U.S. District Court, alleging that Sony’s current professional 4K camera line infringes on certain Red patents. It is asking the court for an injunction to stop Sony from “making, using, importing, offering to sell and/or selling” the Sony F65 (Oblivion) and newly introduced F55 and F5.

Red alleges that the sale of these Sony cameras “has resulted in lost sales, reduced the business and profit of Red, and greatly injured the general reputation of Red.”

Sony was contacted but declined comment on the lawsuit.