Uni has safehouse for more Ludlum


Universal could have a new Robert Ludlum spy.

The company is eyeing Ludlum's Cold War novel "The Parsifal Mosaic" as its next development project, with Imagine Entertainment potentially boarding to produce.

The 1982 book focuses on jockeying between U.S. and Soviet intelligence agents, with American spies Michael Havelock and Jenna Karas, who are lovers as well as partners, at the center of a series of crosses and double crosses.

The project would keep to the globetrotting aspects of other Ludlum projects in Hollywood; action in "Mosaic" jumps around to such countries as Italy, Greece and the former Czechoslovakia.

Universal has a first-look deal with the Ludlum library and its steward, Jeffrey Weiner. The studio is developing "The Sigma Protocol," with Jose Padilha attached to direct, as well as another pic in the "Bourne" franchise, which has grossed more than $950 million worldwide for Universal. (partialdiff)