Unions Speak Out Against Piracy

Joining federal lawmakers at a piracy press conference, the labor organizations denounced “profiteers” who traffic in illegally obtained content.

Representatives from the DGA, AFTRA, IATSE and SAG joined Congressional lawmakers at a press conference today on Capitol Hill to discuss fighting copyright infringement and Internet theft. 

The unions released a statement decrying “Illegal downloading and streaming of the content made by our members” and stating that those practices “pose a devastating threat to the future of the hundreds of thousands of working men and women who make up the American entertainment industry.”

The release noted that those guilds and unions represent 300,000 creators, performers and craftspeople who create films, television programs and sound recordings. The Writers Guild was not part of the press conference, but both the WGA West and East have spoken out against piracy as well.

The union statement argued that “Professional content is a driving force behind the massive popularity of the Internet” and blasted “profiteers who knowingly traffic in content they have obtained illegally and played no role at all in creating or financing.”

The press conference did not appear to be connected to any new legislative efforts to address unauthorized downloading or streaming.