'United 93' panel

Castmembers of Paul Greengrass' harrowing film discuss their on-set experiences.

During this awards season, Paul Greengrass's "United 93" has turned from an early-year also-ran to a critics' fave-rave (including Best Picture from the New York Film Critics' Circle) and must-see. That's a key factor for a film focused on the events of 9/11, which even the toughest viewers find difficult to face.

Greengrass's innovative documentary-style filmmaking style has gained recognition, not least from actors, who recognize just how challenging his improvisational technique was for the little-known but talented group of character actors he assembled for this film, from United Airlines stewardess/actress Trish Gates to real-life FAA czar Ben Sliney to theater veteran Christian Clemenson. All three participated in a November Screen Actors Guild panel, along with TV star David Alan Basche and young British actor Jamie Harding. The panel was moderated by Hollywood Reporter deputy film editor Anne Thompson. Click to watch video highlights.