Universal Orlando Parking Garages Reopen Following Security Scare

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Social media users reported a heavy police presence and helicopters around the theme park on Saturday evening.

Universal Orlando has reopened its parking garages and assumed normal operations following a security scare on Saturday evening.

Just after 8:30 p.m., Orlando, Florida, police responded to a "suspicious incident" after a driver on Interstate 4 reported a man with a rifle in a parking garage of the park, according to Orlando PD public information officer Sgt. Eduardo Bernal. After shutting down and searching both parking garages with Universal Security staff, units found nothing suspicious and deemed the area safe.

Orlando police will remain in the area to help with traffic. Universal Studios has not yet responded to a request for comment.

Social media users on Saturday tweeted that Universal Orlando parking garages had been shut down following a security concern, and were showing videos of crowds brought to a standstill. 

There was a heavy police presence and helicopters were sweeping the area, according to some on Twitter. Many tweeted videos of groups of people waiting to be let into the garage.

"Something is happening at Universal Studios parking garage, Orlando PD has shut it down and stop everyone from going to there cars," one social-media user tweeted.

See some of the tweets below.