Filmart: Universe Sells ‘The White Storm 2’ to Multiple Territories (Exclusive)

The White Storm H

Asian superstar Andy Lau produces and stars in the sequel to the 2013 action thriller with the original’s lead Louis Koo returning.

Hong Kong’s Universe Films has closed pre-Filmart sales of upcoming crime thriller The White Storm 2 – Drug Lords, the sequel to the 2013 cartel drama, to 11 territories.

The second installment introduces Asian superstar Andy Lau as the lead and producer, alongside returning star Louis Koo, who had the distinction of being the only survivor in the original, which grossed $44.8 million worldwide. But the sequel will have a completely new story, centering on the power and territorial struggle between the two leading men, one a financial magnate, another a drug lord. Director Herman Yau has taken over directing duties from the original’s helmer Benny Chan. The sequel is scheduled for release in the fall of 2019.

For the film’s distribution rights, Universe has signed deals with CMC Pictures for North America, the U.K., Australia and New Zealand, Borsalino Films for Latin America and Spain, Woo Sung Entertainment for South Korea, GSC Movies for Malaysia, Clover Films for Singapore and Sky Films for Taiwan, and the inflight rights have been sold to Kairos Distribution Limited.

Universe is also shopping at Filmart another project from the Lau-Yau team, the follow-up to the 2017 bomb squad actioner Shock Wave, which took $59 million in China and was the second-highest grossing Chinese-language film of the year in Hong Kong. Lau, whose character sacrificed himself in the original, will produce and star in the sequel, with The White Storm star Sean Lau and The Flowers of War actress Nini joining the cast. Featuring a new story unrelated to the first film, the sequel will see Sea Lau playing a PTSD-stricken former bomb disposal officer who becomes a suspect in a terrorist plot, while a real hit on Hong Kong’s major landmarks is being planned. Now in production, the film is set for release in the spring of 2020.