Univision CEO touts 'improved' Televisa relationship

Eyes brand integration opportunities under new deal

Univision Communications and Grupo Televisa have signed a $1.2 billion investment deal that will see the Mexican broadcaster take a 5% stake in the U.S. Spanish-language media company. As part of the arrangement, they have also agreed to an expanded long-term content deal. The Hollywood Reporter's Georg Szalai spoke to Univision CEO Joe Uva about the relationship between the two companies and aspects of the deal.

The Hollywood Reporter: How improved is the relationship between Univision and Televisa after legal and other trouble of the past?

Joe Uva: These two companies have enjoyed a rich history for decades. Over the past 3 1/2 years with our new private equity ownership, the working relationship with Televisa has improved each and every day. … They have really a lot of respect for the things we have been able to do and changes we have made at the company.There is intrinsic value in these two companies working much more closely going into the future, particularly as it relates to how do we best service the needs and interests of the U.S. Hispanic community.

THR: Do you have an example of an opportunity in this deal that may not be as obvious?

Uva: We will see an unprecedented level of cooperation on production with Univision Studios and Televisa's television programming production. We have really never explored the opportunities of product integration and branded entertainment for Televisa's content in the U.S. Hispanic market. This new arrangement provides us a unique opportunity to exploit this as a real incremental source of revenue for both companies. We are going to be working very closely together to offer product integration opportunities to U.S. advertisers in Televisa content.

The new program licensing deal runs through 2020, likely even 2025 if certain conditions are met. How confident are you about this relationship continuing through 2025?

Uva: 2025 is a minimum period. We are very confident that this goes on for many, many years beyond 2025.
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