'Unraveled': Ponzi Schemer Marc Dreier Nitpicks Prison Accommodations (Exclusive Video)

After being convicted of perpetrating more than $750 million in securities fraud, the former Manhattan attorney attempts to negotiate the conditions of his upcoming imprisonment.

Although Bernie Madoff’s December 11, 2008 arrest made bigger headlines, Marc Dreier committed securities fraud to the tune of more than $750 million, a detail not overlooked in Marc H. Simon’s new documentary Unraveled. Opening Friday at select theaters across the country, Simon’s film offers a uniquely intimate portrait of the former Manhattan attorney in his final days under house arrest before being sentenced for his crimes.

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The Hollywood Reporter has secured an exclusive clip from the film, in which Dreier discusses prison accommodations with his lawyer. In a scene that resembles the final moments of Goodfellas where Henry Hill nitpicks the terms of his agreement with the FBI ("I don't want to go any place cold, because I'm bronchial"), Dreier talks about his sleeping quarters, worrying about the quality of his sleep while he resides in a low-security, dormitory-style cubicle that he will share with as many as 12 other men. “My biggest fear is having somebody who snores in the bunk next to me,” Dreier says.

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The lawyer then reassures him that he’ll have a variety of food options other than hot dogs, which Dreier says he “can’t eat.” Finally, the two men talk about what sort of work he will be required to do, and Dreier insists that he doesn’t want to be on his hands and knees for eight hours a day. The lawyer tells him he’ll be doing something “very menial,” which should last up to 45 minutes or an hour.

Unraveled opens in theaters in Los Angeles and New York Friday, April 13, and the film is available on multiple video-on-demand platforms.