Unvaccinated People Should Avoid Disneyland, State Health Officials Warn

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The "happiest place on Earth" isn't so happy after a measles outbreak - 59 cases and counting - since the end of December.

California state health officials are advising all unvaccinated people to avoid Disneyland indefinitely due to an outbreak of measles.

The respiratory disease spread throughout the historic theme park at the end of December and has since plagued nearly 59 people in California, 42 of which contracted the virus at Disneyland, NPR reports.

State epidemiologist Dr. Gil Chavez advised all unvaccinated folk to steer clear of the magical Anaheim acreage, exhorting parents of infants and young children to avoid the park. "If you are not vaccinated, stay away from Disneyland," Chavez said. "It can be very serious with devastating consequences."

Measles is a highly contagious airborne disease caused by a virus. Once contracted, the infected will develop a rash all over the body and further complications including fever, pneumonia, diarrhea and coughing can ensue.

The majority of those infected were not vaccinated and varied in age from 7 months to 70 years old.

The outbreak is suspected to have been spread by an infected, unvaccinated foreigner visiting the park in December or a Californian who contracted the disease abroad.