House Designed Based on Pixar's 'Up' Sold

Pixar Up House Exterior - H 2011

Pixar Up House Exterior - H 2011

The colorful Utah house was recognized by Disney as the official “Up” home.

Disney and Pixar’s 2009 animated film Up featured a colorful home with a lot of character The house was so inspiring to some that they build a replication of it.

The Utah home has been bought by two Disney fans, Clinton and Lynette Hamblin of Petaluma, CA, completing their long search for a home that had similarities to the one in the movie.

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The couple had been looking mainly in California for a home that had either a colorful exterior or a bright blue kitchen like the one in the film. They then learned about the home in the Salt Lake City suburb of Herriman, Utah, that was built based on the film. The home, which was officially recognized by Disney as the Up house, had a $400,000 price tag on it.

"We just love the message of the movie — adventure is out there," Lynette Hamblin told The Salt Lake Tribune.

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The home in Up is basically another star of the film. It is the home of Carl and Ellie Frederickson after they get married and as they navigate the trails and triumps of their lives together. After Ellie dies, Carl becomes a curmudgeonly hermit, spending most of his time alone in the colorful home until he sets out on an accidental adventure with a young member of the “Wilderness Explorers."

Adam Bangerter built the Utah home, telling The AP that he chose to replicate the movie home because it played such a memorable role in the film. "It illustrates what homeownership really is, and it's not an investment. It's part of the American dream to have a house to care for, to improve and to make part of your family," Bangerter said.