UPI Russia, Leopolis in distribution deal

To handle upcoming Leopolis titles such as 'The Mechanic'

LONDON -- NBC Universal-owned UPI Russia has secured a long-term deal with Russian producer/distributor Leopolis to distribute its films theatrically in the Russia and the CIS.

The long-term deal will cover Leopolis' own upcoming titles, such as financial thriller "PyraMMMide," and Jason Statham starrer "The Mechanic," as well as titles Leoplolis has acquired for distribution in Russia and the CIS.

"This is a great chance to work with a major studio to get a wider market penetration for our films," said Leopolis president Sergey Livnev.

"We have always aimed for top quality in production and acquisitions; now we have the distribution structure to match that."

UPI Russia managing director Vadim Ivanov said Leopolis' high-quality commercial titles would perform well.

"We are confident that this collaboration will allow both companies to reach new horizons at the growing market."

Leopolis Ltd. was established in Moscow in 2007 as a film production and distribution company, with such feature productions as "Hitler Kaput," "Love in the City" and "Love in the City 2" grossing around $12 million each in the Russian market.

Earlier this year it became part of the Inter Media group, via a partnership with Ukrainian TV powerhouse Kvartal 95.
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