UPI Russia to Resume Kazakhstan Theatrical Distribution

Gerard Butler Jonny Weston Chasing Mavericks - H 2012
20th Century Fox

"Chasing Mavericks," starring Jonny Weston and Gerard Butler will be the first title to roll into theaters via a deal with Interfilm Distribution.

LONDON -- Universal Pictures International (UPI) Russia has resumed film distribution in the Republic of Kazakhstan from the beginning of November.

In terms of distribution, UPI Russia has signed a licensing agreement with Interfilm Distribution Company in Kazakhstan which will distribute all UPI titles in the region, including movies that UPI has acquired in Russia.

The first film to be released by UPI Russia, in partnership with Interfilm Distribution, will be surf movie Chasing Mavericks, starring Jonny Weston and Gerard Butler on Nov. 15, 2012.

Also, UPI will release movies throughout November-December 2012 that were previously released in Russia but weren’t released in Kazakhstan.

The back log of releases comes as UPI ironed out the deal with Interfilm after the previous arrangement with Prof Film had expired.

Back titles to get a Kazakhstan rollout include The Bourne Legacy, Savages and Ted.

Universal Pictures markets and distributes films internationally through Universal Pictures International (UPI), which officially began doing business on Jan. 1, 2007 in the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria, German-speaking Switzerland, Benelux, France, Russia, Australia, Mexico and India.

In other parts of the world, Universal distributes through Paramount’s local offices as it transitions out of the formerly shared UIP model.

UPI is part of NBCUniversal in which Comcast Corporation owns a controlling 51 percent interest with GE holding a 49 percent stake.