UPI takes Benelux by 'Storm'

Will release Dutch film in fall 2009

LONDON -- Universal Pictures International Studio president Christian Grass said Wednesday that the company has snapped up Benelux distribution rights to Dutch filmmaker Ben Sombogaart's upcoming "De Storm" (The Storm).

The deal is part of Universal's overseas releasing arm's strategy to partner with filmmakers in releasing films that resonate with audiences in their own country.

UPI will release the film in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg in fall 2009.

"I think our involvement in 'De Storm' gives a pretty good indication of one of the many ways in which we can work with international filmmakers," Grass said. "We are very happy to be working with NL Film as their distribution partners on 'De Storm.' "

Written by Rik Launspach and Marjolein Beumer, the movie is produced by Alain de Levita and Johan Nijenhuis at NL Film and features an ensemble Dutch cast headlined by Sylvia Hoeks and Barry Atsma.

Set against the 1953 storms in Holland, the film centers on a young farmer's daughter who, after giving birth to an illegitimate son, is plunged into a disaster when floods engulf her family's farm.