Fans of Fox's 'The Chicago Code' Upset Over Cancellation

"Human Target"

The network on Tuesday also dropped the ax on "Human Target, "Lie to Me," "Traffic Light" and "Breaking In."

Many Twitters users were upset over Fox's decision to cancel five shows Tuesday.

"RIP Breaking In, Lie to Me, The Chicago Code, Human Target, Traffic Light," wrote Caramelo of the news that none of the shows would be coming back for another season.

But tweeters were particularly upset over Human Target, which became a top 10 trending topic.

Added Scott: "'Human Target' has been cancelled. I'm bummed."

"Oh bollocks. Human Target cancelled. Bloody typical," wrote Alan Woodward.

Tweeted Jamie Watts: "Fox just cancelled some of my favorite shows: Human Target and The Chicago Code! this sucks"

And some had harsh words for the network.

Wrote Jarrod Tristan: "Crud. Just read that Fox has cancelled Human Target. I don't know why I bother watching anything they air."

"I am not happy with Fox!!! They cancelled two awesome shows!!! I mean ok about Human Target. But Lie To Me?!?!! That shows legit!!!" added Michaela Twyman.

Still, not everyone was completely broken up by the news.

"Breaking In cancelled = don't care. Human Target cancelled = kind of a bummer. It was cheesy, but still a fun show," wrote T.J. Fixman.

Added Bennett Lai: "Disappointed by Lie to Me, Human Target, and most likely Chuck getting canceled...but they had really weak seasons this year."

And Ursine Swag tweeted: "Good riddance to human target, it should have just died a quiet death after season 1 instead of taking the massive retooling."