Upstart U.K. Studio Facility Opens Its Doors

Black Hangar Studios is designed by filmmakers with filmmakers in mind and includes a water tank option.

LONDON – The latest U.K. studio facility, designed by filmmakers with movie-makers in mind, opened its hanger doors to would-be production managers, filmmakers and the press this week.

Black Hangar Studios, a 32,000 sq.ft facility on the outskirts of London, is designed by Art Directors’ Guild award-winner Simon Lamont and Award nominee Digby Milner.

The onsite facilities include one of only two U.K. sites offering water filming facilities via a 5,000 sq.ft water tank.

Lamont and Milner are head of art and production Services and head of special FX, respectively.

Over their combined 30-years of movie-making experience, the duo’s resumes boast work on various franchises including the Harry Potter, Batman and James Bond movies.

The aim is to offer tailor-made services for each filmmaker – whether the project they are shooting is for TV, commercial purposes, music promotion or theatrical release.

Business consultant and film producer Carole Siller is appointed CEO of Black Hangar Studios.

Located in Basingstoke, Black Hangar Studios’ facilities house a range of departments that design, plan and construct sets for use at the facility, as well as on location.

Siller said: “We have incorporated our expertise from years of working on blockbuster films to create a facility we feel has everything a filmmaker could need under one roof, and we are keen to tailor our services for each client so that they receive the exact experience they require.”

It joins the ranks of famous names operating in the U.K. including Pinewood Shepperton, Leavesden Studios and 3 Mills.

The U.K. attracts more high-budget Hollywood productions than other territory outside North America so the addition to Britain's capacity to accommodate large scale production will likely be welcomed.