Viral "Uptown Funk" Mashup Combines 280 Movies

Uptown_Funk_Sung_Movies - H 2015

Uptown_Funk_Sung_Movies - H 2015

"Groundhog Day" and "Pulp Fiction" help sing the Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars hit song.

Christopher Walken, Robin Williams, Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise and Tigger are all joined together in this "Uptown Funk" mashup music video that has gone viral on the Internet.

YouTube user dondrapersayswhat posted the video and said it took him three months to combine the 280 movies featured in the mashup. The movies span genres and generations with scenes from Wedding Crashers, Groundhog Day, Dukes of Hazzard, The Terminator, Shrek, Whiplash, Finding Nemo and more.

There's dancing from Napoleon Dynamite and Pretty in Pink and Robert Downey Jr.'s Tropic Thunder character helps out with the "hot damn" line.

Watch the whole thing below and turn on "closed captioning" if you want to see the movie titles.