Urban Outfitters Slashes Price of "IDK Not Trump Tho" Tee

Urban Outfitters IDK Not Trump Tee - P 2016
Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

The "Feel the Bern" tee, however, is still full price.

Urban Outfitters has never shied away from controversial product offerings (a blood-stained vintage Kent State sweatshirt, offensive shampoo bottles, a decorative tapestry reminiscent of Holocaust garb, etc.). So it comes as no surprise that the retailer has waded into 2016's tumultuous election cycle.

Just in time for the Republican National Convention, the Philadelphia-based brand is selling its women's "IDK Not Trump Tho 2016" tee for a discounted price of $19.99, marked down from $28. (The men's tee is still full price.)

According to Buzzfeed, the slogan was the brainchild of David Ross, who began producing tees and stickers late last year at the request of passersby who saw his "IDK Not Trump Tho" lawn sign. Soon after the merchandise went viral, Urban Outfitters approached Ross for a licensing deal.

In addition to Ross' tees, the retailer has more branded anti-Trump goods, including mugs, a pin and a book titled Quotations from Chairman Trump modeled after Mao's infamous red book. 

On the other side of the spectrum, the store is also hocking "Feel the Bern" tees (still full price, despite Bernie Sanders' recent endorsement of Hillary Clinton) as well as "Hillary Runnin' Thangs 2016 Tour" men's shirts. 

As Bloomberg pointed out, Urban Outfitters is sticking its neck out by choosing sides in the political sphere, potentially alienating customers and possibly upsetting the boss — CEO Richard Hayne — who has publicly donated to prominent Republican candidates in the past, including Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney.